Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Men Wear Panties

Alot of men find women's underwear far more comfortable. If you've ever worn men's underwear, you'll find the material is a lot heavier and coarser. This is more comfortable for some, alot less comfortable for others. Alot of men wear panties because its comfortable and enjoyable. It means absolutely nothing about his sexuality in itself.

Caught Husband Wearing Panties

A man wearing panties is completely fine. I know guys who walk into Victoria Secret to buy panties for themselves and never give a second thought as to what other people's opinions might be. He's just exploring a different side of himself. You can try to express interest in it and find out the exact reason as to why he wants to. Let him know your ok with him wearing panties and that you want to see why he enjoys wearing panties so much.

Men Who Crossdress

Most men who crossdress are heterosexual. If it bothers you talk to him about it and decide what you two can accept. If you don't want him wearing your panties, lingerie, etc would it be okay if he only wore his own collection of bras, lingerie panties, etc? Maybe you two can go lingerie shopping together. As to the why, he probably just enjoys how they feel. He probably isn't wanting to become a girl he is most likely just enjoying the girly feeling of wearing lingerie. He may also like that the lingerie belongs to you. Talk to your husband and remember that a lot of men do this and it only means that he likes lingerie, nothing else.

Husband Wears Panties

My husband admitted to wearing my panties for a long time now . He only really confessed because i confronted him about it. I told him that I am fine with him wearing panties, in fact he really looks good in panties. Men have nice legs and butts and panties really do look good on a man, ladies put your men in some panties and you will see just how sexy they look.

Why Do Men Wear Panties

Your husband wearing panties is a fetish, and most guys have some sort of fetish, he is not out sleeping with anyone or wanting to date a man, he loves panties, big deal, buy him more and embrace it. I bet at times he was to embarressed and ashamed to tell you huh, its okay I bet if you accept it your sex life will soar through the roof.

Found Out Husband Wears Panties

I recently found my husband wearing panties , He had a large stash of panties some were even prettier than my panties. So I moved his stash of panties. Later on that week I saw that he was sort of puzzled and I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. So another week goes buy and I can see that he is frustrated so I figure I better let him in on me knowing about him wearing panties. I went and got all the panties and dumped them onto the kitchen table and said I found these would you happen to know what this is all about. He confessed that he likes to wear panties, that he enjoys the smooth feeling of the fabric, the styles, and how they excite him. I did not react and just thought about it, I guess my husband wearing panties is not big deal at least he is not out cheating on me. Our sex life has been somewhat boring as of latley and to be honest finding out he wears panties excited me and since finding out he wears panties I have asked him to wear them and show me just how excited he gets, we have even had sex while both wearing panties. Communication is key, if you find out your husband wears panties don't freak out, find out why he enjoys wearing them and you might be surprised that its not such a big deal.

Men Wearing Panties

Why should woman be the only ones to wear panties, woman have been wearing mens clothing for years now its our turn, who says panties can only be worn by a woman. Do you think you look sexier in panties than many woman, I would have to say that alot of men wearing panties look better than many woman in panties. Do you wonder if the panties you are wearing are sexier than the woman at work or in line at the checkout. Its about time us men got to wear sexy things also. So hears to all the men wearing panties out there, enjoy wearing panties.